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Lecture 1- Class notes

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Reza Barmaki

SOC211: Lecture 1 Social Order - How is society possible? - Continued existence of a set of social relationships over time (predictability) - Hierarchical (stratified; inequality):  Economic (access to material goods)  Political (power over others)  Status - Dimensions of social order Maintenance of social order= social control 1) Justification: Belief in the legitimacy of social order a) Traditional beliefs b) Discourses (ideologies): religion, scientific, political.. c) Usefulness (utility) 2) Force - Extracting pro-order conduct - Fear of punishment 3) Reward - For pro-order behaviour Justification A) Socialization - Inculcation with beliefs.. - Formation of pro-social psychological mechanisms - Guilt/Shame, respect, loyalty - Extreme point: Indoctrination (propaganda, brain wash) B) Education - May include indoctrination C) Appeal to Rationality - Arguments in favour of usefulness of order  Indoctrination can be referred or compared to Nazi Germany and Communist Russia Example: Beliefs and Legitimacy of social order - Rich are smarter - Rich work harder - Poor are lazy - Social order is God-ordained - It is the natural way of things - It is our traditionForce - a-formal: criminal justice system - b-formal: peer, family.. - Depends on severity of deviance: Deviance ----------------------- > Crime - Family, friends, schools, community, justice system… Reward - Reward for conformity: social and psychological - Money, rank, safety, social respect, self-respect… Failure to control - Crime and Deviance - Threat to existing order - Conflict - Chaos Forms of Deviance 1) Behavioural (from socially- expected behaviour) - Indicated by laws, norms… - Right/Wrong conduct - Forms of laws:  Religious  Tradition (unwritten)  Positive (written) Laws: all aspect of life - Work, courtship, marriage, worship, driving, alcohol consumption, disputes… - In complex societies: specialized laws Criminal law - Serious misconducts - Consequence
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