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University of Toronto Mississauga
Zachary Levinsky

SOC216 Sept 10 th Lecture #1 Introduction Ways of Looking at the Law - case study: being hit by a car o contact with the law – process - sociology as a science /positivism o use scientific method o normative: is something good or bad  ex. what are the characteristics of who proceeds to court • the cause and effect  ex. what will the outcome be  ex. which intersections lead to more accidents - law as bureaucracy o not mystical o record-keeping – paper trail o time/money - law as social control o insurance system is already activated – regardless of if one proceeds to court o overlap – insurance industry itself is a bureaucracy o lying to police – informal level o caught up in the system - subtle and everyday forms of the law o accident tips o dispute resolution/mediation  ex. how angry are you at the person? – should it matter – the law is the law o law is not absent despite no formal process Conflation of Terms - sociology of law o what does the law do – how does it affect people o positivist way of thinking o very constraint to the actual written law - law and society o other methodologies of thinking about the law beyond strict positivist view - socio-legal studies - what do these mean? o no universal understanding/strict definition o field is open to be defined o still being cont
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