SOC216H5 Lecture 1: Intro - January 8th - Week 1

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8 Jan 2019
Example: drug laws in canada
Lawyers worry about if the police work under the law
Sociologist cares about:
Who uses the drugs, and why
How does it change over time
Drug offence rates
Drug relationships with crime
Why are laws changed? Ex. Social movements, people press for them to
Think outside our borders
How do people understand law? When things go from illegal to legal
When do we feel that law is fair? Unfair?
The funnel of crime/law
Law is not just about crime
We report a lot of things to the police - 2 million
Of the 2 million things - 246,000 found guilty
Of 246,000 found guilty - 86,000 sentenced
Of 86,000 sentenced - 5,000 federal sentencing
Think about all of the times that something related to law happens but never
gets formally invoked
Three different kinds of law
1 Law on the books
What is legal vs illegal
Not just about crime, civil law, regulation
2 Law in action
Police, courts, sentencing, prisons
3 The gap between the two
Example of auto insurance adjusters
Rear end collision = backs fault
A lot of norms and habits and informal understandings that
influence how agents of the law rely on to make a case
Is law anywhere? Is law everywhere?
Intro -January 8th -Week 1
Tuesday, January 8, 2019
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