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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Ronit Dinovitzer

Lecture 6Testmc and short answer do readings and focus on what we did in class dont memorize dates understand what did this research find one hint when you read a mc dont look at the answers write out your own answer LawSocial Movementsobject of contestationfights about we dont always agree power of people and how law gets to be where it issocial movementswomen literation civil rights lesbian But remember law has its limitslaw doesnt feed the hungryLawmakinghow we actually get the laws we get1 rationalistic modelthat laws and particular criminal laws because there are rational means of protecting members of society from social harm critiquehow do we decide what is a social harm 2 functionalistlaw is viewed as reinstutionalized customsnorms or rules aboutthe ways in which people must behave if social institutions are to perform their functionscritiqueassumes that laws are passed because they represent the voice of the peoplewe dont necessarily all agree3 conflict perspective4 Moral entrepreneur theorylaw is the result of a really enterprising individual or group of people example of contraceptives not every moral entrepreneur is going to be successful Legislationlegislationpeople we elect democratic process of creation of lawadjudicationresult of what judges do judges settle disputes and apply existing law but when you get to higher courts supreme court judges may alter or amend or create new lawjudges of supreme courtof Canada struck down abortionmany laws that dont make it
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