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University of Toronto Mississauga
Nicole Myers

Lecture #1 Tuesday, Sept 11, 2012 SOC216 What is the sociology of law? -study of law -law as a set of social practices -interaction of law, legal institutions, legal behaviour -development of legal institutions, social control, regulation, social construction, social change -social context -The place of law in social, political, and economical What is the role of law in society? how do legal cases both influence and are shaped by social, political and economic re- lations? how is law practiced in our courts? Why Lawyers? -we’ve got lawyers to practice criminal law and to prosecute -22/28 of Canadian prime ministers have been lawyers -in1950: 9000, 2015: expect to be 125000 lawyers -rate of growth is faster than that of other practices Transformative information: they take someone in who doesn't know a lot about law, open up different views, people who will work to make society a better place. The other view is that lawyers are here maintain status quo, trying to keep a certain level of status or hold a legacy -lawyers are socialized to become lawyers, not learning the rules, but how you commu- nicate -people that go to law school tend to have parents who have a high education -elites creating more elites -reproducing what is already being seen in society -What does it matter where you went to school going to law school: -22 law schools in canada, must take the lsat -articling is mandatory -privilege and pressure: law schools -getting into law school: -growth of the profession and increasing competition for entry -80% of people who apply to law school do not get in -implications -who gets to become a lawyer -what should entrance criteria be? grades? Har
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