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Lecture 8

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SOC219: Lecture Video • Nannie Jeter- talks about growing use of drugs and how she is impacted from drugs. • Drugs destroy lives- war against drug is heating up • All the money spent on drug enforcement- it makes us feel like were tuff on crime, but US is the country has the highest incarceration yet there are still more and more young plp who wants to sell drugs. • Propaganda- • police deals with mostly drugs and prostitution. • They say you can trace any crime to drugs. • Black Americans disproportionally represented – more black in prison • Drug war on black Americans 1950 drug use started growing • Black plp- because of poverty, it pushed them on the street when selling or buying drugs- making it more easy to be targeted by the cops. • James- used a needle in taking drugs. Addicted to heroin. • Structural problem-kids living in a crowded area, so these kids are influenced to sell drugs rather than going to school when there are drug dealers every corner. • Conspiracy charge- 50 grams • Drug dealers were like the leaders in the community. SO if a family needed help paying rent, drug dealers gave the money, they provided everything little kids wanted. • Little tay- inspired anthony to sell drugs- to make the money and get the clothes, girls, jewelry. • It’s a vicious cycle when plp get out of prison because they won’t be able to get job opportunities because they went to prison. • Drug war- born out of president Nixon- in the 1960became a national political issue. 2/3 of money was spent on treatment of addicts rather than law enforcement. • Rehabilitation programs is what often gets cuts first, plp say to spend the money on fences, hand cuffs.. • Incentive or police officer- arresting ma
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