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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Notes

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Nicole Myers

Lecture 7 June0313 1106 PM IMPRISONMENTIncapacitationChallenges with use of incapacitation locking someone up so they cannot commit further offences o RelationshipofagetooffendingIt turns out that in terms of sentencing someone to custody or getting them into custody for a long period of time this tends to happen to slightly older offenders And that youhave to have either upgraded the seriousness of your offending or you demonstrate a sort of long history of convictions The reason that poses as a difficulty is because when wethink of the age crime curb we know that crimes and offending climbs up though the teenage years It peaks somewhere from 2224yearsLate teensearly twenties By thetime you get to 30 you see crime rate dropping rather considerably and consistently throughout every decade you look at Means that by the time youre imposing a longcustodial sentence we might be putting someone in custody for a long time that they were already at that age that they would have naturally aged out of crime The idea ofincapacitation is to prevent you while youre incarcerated from committing offencescrime or endangering the publicHow much protection are we really getting when the data tells us that most people stop offending as they get older o Crime is not concentrated in small numbers of peopleBelief that a lot of crime is concentrated in a small number of people If we incarcerate that small number of people well see a dramatic change in the crime rateLook at selfreports of offending Turns out that most people commit criminal offences at some point in their life Some people are going to commit more crime than others but its naive to believe that theres just a small number of people that commit offences o High rate offenders cant accurately be identified in advanceOther problem with incapacitation is that it rests on the idea that we have the ability to identify those who are going to be frequent offenders Who are going to consistentlyoffend through their lifetimesWe are not very good at identifying who the criminals are that are going to commit offences that are of highfrequency We do have tools to try and predict the high rate offendersPROBLEM Were wrong just as often as were rightIts very difficult to determine with some accuracy If youre someone whos going to offend once or twice and stop or if youre someone whos going to offend all the waythrough your life course o PossiblecrimeincreasingeffectofimprisonmentResearch evidence that suggests Act ofbeingincarceratedmayhave criminogenicaffects Being sent to prison sending time there you may become more likely toengage in future offending than if you remained in the communityo Research challenges What would person have doneDifficulty in research that tries to examine what happens with custody in terms of the impact it has on the crime rate is as difficultimpossible to determine WhatwouldyouhavedoneifyouhadntbeenincustodyHow much crime we prevented you from committing by locking you up o Implicitlogicofincapacitationinescapable Lock somebody up they cant commit offencesDifficulty Incarceration is expensiveHard to calculate what the cost of the crime would have been if you were out in the community committing themDifficultyCostBenefit Analysis Research on IncapacitationVariation across Florida counties in changes in incarceration rates o Some incarcerated more other incarcerated lessLooked ato 7indexcrimesIndex crimes Certain levels of offendingConstantMurderArmed robbery Where there isnt so much discretion in what it looks like to make acomparisono usual controlsWhat offence have they committedWhat does their criminal record look likeAgeSexEducation o Tried to look at what happened to the crime rate in these different areas that had high levels of incarceration vs areas that had low levels of incarceration
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