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lecture- march 13

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jennifer Carlson

Lecture 10- March 13 , 2014 SOC219 Review from previous week police subculture purpose of police to buffer society- do the dirty work so the society doesnt have to police diversification- lack of women in the police force difference- women using less force and less likely to arrest police processing of domestic violence- increased reliance on arrest\ Causation vs. Criminalization why do people commit crime? (causation) i.e. theories from beginning of course- anomie, subcultural, etc. how do people come to be processsed/labeled as criminals? (criminalization) Courting Justice what counts as evidence? how evidence is gendered false confessions, false allegations who gets 'justice' and how?- what does it mean to get justice? how do judges and juries come to decisions? how does the demographics of juries and judges shape the decisions they make? Overview of Courts i.e. Suits show- representation of what lawyers do and how gender plays a role women shown as powerful in the show gender division of labour- sexualized the women in the show men are the face of lawyering (involved in the action i.e. being in court) and women doing the backstage work (i.e. Jessica) courts are an adversarial model 1897: Clara Bretta Martin first female lawyer in canada 1972: gender and juries women not allowed to serve in juries till 1950s 1970s- all provinces allowed women for jury duty difference between men and women's jury duty- women given option to not serve whereas it was obligatory for men and part of being a citizen 1990- justice bertha wilson- first women on SCC 1991: Jury act- obligatory for women as well to be summoned for juries will women make a difference in the legal field? Evidence history of victimization and if thats allowed in court as evidence Deborah Peagler- (crime after crime)- shifts in what kind of evidence can be brought into court The battered woman syndrome- taking into account histories of abuse and psychological trauma it produces to understand women's crime- argument about psycholigcal state of abused women that emphasizes their learned helpless; puts victim in situation because she has learned not to fight back to avoid further abuse but also recognizing when abuse is about to happen (i.e. increased alcohol abuse) 1911: Angelina Napolitano in Ontario- first time battered woman syndrome defence was used- was told by her partner she has to prostitute herself and beat her when she refused to do it; cycle continues and ends up killing her partner in his sleep (Sentence brought down from death penalty to life imprisonment) 1990: Rv. Lavelle in Canada 2002: Retroactive "habeas law" in California- allows women to bring evidence in court to show they were battered (previously not allowed; seen in case of Deborah Peagler) false allegation vs. false confession false allegation: false allegation of rape actually very rare according to criminologists false allegation paradox: one group that says it happens alot (police) and one police reading "false accounts" as "false allegations" the truth, half-truth, and nothing like the truth half-truth: i.e. being high at time of assault and don't want to reveal it; want to make a perfect rape account (want to remain the "ideal victim") allegations generally include inconsistency for many reasons phenomenon of "unfounding"- complaint about sexual assault made but police does not pursue it 'didnt behave like a victim'- case in Georgia- 24 year old man goes to party with disabled girl and have intercourse multiple times and girl wakes up saying she was sexually assaulted court agrees she was coerced but judge says 'she didnt behave like a vi
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