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Jayne Baker

Lecture 3- January 21, 2013 Positivist, Interpretive, and Critical Approaches to Research  Paradigms- way of thinking (mental framework you have before you begin research project)  All sociological, all scientific  Positivist Examples: Lisa’s immigration research; Census o People ask questions and there is a specific type of answer o Quantitative, objective and value free  Interpretive Example: Box 2.3 page 29 (Malacrida); My education research o More conversation o Participant may have more to say (as opposed to checking off options)  Critical Example: Workplace harassment research o Workplace harassment among Pilipino domestic workers- policy suggestions and changes  Can research be more than one? ;overlap in some approaches Memory jog…  Variable (empirical measure of a concept; i.e. gender) and attributes (i.e. male, female)  Variable chain o Independent variable (i.e. poverty) and dependent variable (level of education), intervening variable (i.e. self-confidence)[example of hypothesis: what effect does poverty have on education and how does that influence a person’s self-confidence]  Hypothesis  Spuriousness (a type of error in explanation)  Null hypothesis- no relationship between variables  Level of analysis and unit of analysis  More common in quantitative than qualitative work Today’s topic: measurement  Conceptualization—moving from something abstract toward a more precise and thorough definition of a concept (process of thinking of your concept; thinking vaguely at first)  Operationalization—moving from a con
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