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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jayne Baker

Lecture 9- March 25, 2013 Types of nonreactive quantitative methods  Mostly positivist (similar to natural sciences) and deductive  No interaction between respondent and researcher 1. Unobtrusive observation 2. Content analysis 3. Existing statistics 4. Secondary analysis Unobtrusive Observation  Example: collecting data on alcohol consumption (i.e. going through garbage to count bottles)  Not very common Content analysis  Gathering and analyzing content of a text  Objective and systematic procedures  Nonreactive (without influence from the researcher) and also positivist  Random sampling and precise measurements  Operational definitions for abstract constructs  Positive features: o Can be helpful for problems involving large volumes of texts o Helpful when topic needs to be studied at distance o Can reveal messages in text that are difficult to see with casual observation (i.e. gender roles portrayed in children’s books)  Primary difference between qualitative content analysis and quantitative content analysis: meaning  Involves more of a count to make it quantitative o Example: textbook analysis (Caucasian pictured in textbooks compared to number of minorities) o Textbook page 309 (ta
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