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Lecture 1

SOC221H5 Lecture 1: SOC221 - Lecture 1

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Shyon Baumann

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SOC221 Lecture 1: The Logic of Social Inquiry Intro
Office Hours: Thursdays 11am-12:30pm in NE6290
Textbook: Give Methods a Chance - 3rd Canadian Edition (Kyle Green and Sarah
Other readings: posted on quercus
Course Components:
4 Assignments (1 worth 5% and 3 worth 15%)
Not essays but reports - answer questions based on course material
Tutorial - worth 5%
Elaborate on material from class - concrete examples
Ask questions for assignments
(0.5% for each session) - can miss 2 without penalty
Final Exam - cumulative during exam period (45%)
Readings and lecture
50 MC, 15 SA and 5 long answer (paragraph)
Goals of Course:
Examine relation between arguments and evidence in sociology
Gain understanding of kinds of questions best addressed through empirical
Become acquainted with most common methods that sociologists employ
Learn to evaluate these methods as applied to particular studies
Advertising and society
Empirical illustrations will center on advertising - allows to compare and contrast
range of methods of data collection and analysis
Advertising is a large industry and is something we’re all familiar with - readily
make sense
Ex. how often are sexual images used in advertising? (content)
How much exposure does the average person have in a day? (exposure)
How do people understand the meaning of advertisement?
Knowledge is founded on evidence which is called data in sociology
Data is information that is collected in ways that can make it trustworthy
In order to make data trustworthy, social scientists rely on research methods
It is the way that data is used that makes it trustworthy or useful, not the data
Good VS Bad Data
Bad anecdotes, intuition, subjective impression, assumptions, hearsay, things
everyone knows, or what the media are saying
Generally labelled as bad data even though many people rely on it
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