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University of Toronto Mississauga
Ivanka Knezevic

Course SOC221H5FLecture 12052014Topic IntroductionHow is science different from other forms of knowledgeThe main concepts for todayErrors of common sense logical fallacies that are wrong How is qualitative detection different from quantitative Errors of Common sense1 Tradition Gender inequality has existed in most societiesGender inequality is inevitableIt cannot be true that all people hold the same opinions2 Argumentation and auctoritatem AuthorityA Harvard study has found that women who shop more often are happier Shopping is an independent cause of happiness All these variables are caused by a third variable that can cause shopping and happiness3 Casual observation systematic evidence is not sought knowledge is untestedsystematize evidence is finding further knowledge to see if it is true of entire society or notmy parents do this but the question is whether other parents do has there been research done 4 Selective observation evidence is sought to prove a point or preconceived idea but not systematically or exhaustivelyExample engaged in social organizationmember of Green Peace why Zoos should be abolished you will go around and look at sources and visit Zoos and find out that there are negative points or bad points of abolishing Zoos rather than positive points or relative points that support why Zoos should not be aboli
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