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Lecture 10

SOC224H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Standardized Test

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Jayne Baker

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SOC224 what about boys? (Dropout rates, suicide, post-secondary attendance)
Statistically are more likely to drop out of highs school
EQAO- more successful for females
OECD- Boys more like to be low achievers/ under achievers
“Feminization of Education”= teaching method is bias against boys
Ex.) Having students sit at desk while in class. It is more difficult for boys to do so because they
are more active when they are sitting in a desk it becomes difficult for them to concentrate
Ex.) Most teachers in the elementary level are females they more likely to select materials that
appeal to them or when they were a child which makes it a topic girls are more interested in. The
boys will likely not be interested in it which make them not want to engage in the reading
compared to girls
Boys need to be accommodated by the school system because of what they are. Schools tries to
think of ways to help them succeed
Ex.) Boys lack interest in reading therefore the school will try to use books to grab their attention
such as graphic books
Single sex schooling dividing them with problems with their schooling
-can help them not be intimidated from girls that are out achieving them
-there is a perception that boys are mentally different than girls they should be taught differently
^However neuroscience questioned this as they saw lack of difference between boys and girls
Most single sex school are private schools – shows benefits although studies question whether
the benefits are caused actually from high SES background or gender differences
Is there actually a problem?
There are a growth overall in schooling but boys are not as significant compared to girls (women
are seen to be more dramatic)
Crisis – however there are boys that are left behind – mostly from working class backgrounds,
physical minority status
Expansion WEEK 10
In the pre-war era not all students enrolled in school went to school due to other duties such as
farm work took up most of their time
Post-war era education was seen as a way to promote economic growth
Canadian government add more money into education
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