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Published on 16 May 2011
- Basically the human capacity for reflection. This could either
be reflection of our own activity, which helps us to improve
ourselves (intellectually and technically).
- Because we are ref lective, we can also ref lect on our social
relations, which in an ideal world help us to improve them.
- Other animals, he argues, dont have t he capacity for
reflection, which explains why humans progress at a faster
- As we reflect, we progress and become more conscious of
ourselves, our lives, our habits, and our social relations.
- The more conscious we become, the more likely we will want
to improve our society.
b. As you read, tr y to locate the passages on the “four
dimensions” of alienation. (N.B. Page numbers refer to the
actual textbook, not the pages in the course pack):
i. Alienation from the Product (p. 71 to bottom of 73)
ii. Alienation from the Process of Production (bottom of page 73
to middle of p. 75)
iii. Alienation from “Species-being” (middle of p. 75 to top of
p. 78)
iv. Alienation from Others (he calls it “man to man”) (top of p.
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