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LEC #3: Workforce activity

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John Kervin

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Lecture #3 Thursday, Sept 22, 2011
Workforce Activity
Counting the Labour Force
Unpaid Work
->volunteer work
->child care
Subsistence Work
->fishing, hunting, etc. for yourself
->you don’t get paid
->providing food for family/friends/neighborhood
Paid Work
->don’t count work for people age fifteen and under
-> for those aged fifteen and up, list into three categories:
1. Employed and getting paid
2. Don’t have a job, but looking for one, called unemployed. Someone in this
category has either been looking for work in the past four weeks, start a job in the next
four weeks, or laid off until called back.
3. Inactive group. They don’t have a job and not looking. This includes retired people.
Labour Force
Labour force = employed + unemployed
Total population 15+: 27.3 million
Not in labour force: 8.9
In the labour force 18.4
Employed: 16.8
Unemployed 1.5
Source: Statistics Canada LFS, Table 282-00002
Unreported Work
->offer cash and don’t pay taxes
->legal work- farming
->illegal work- prostitution, drugs, gambling
->15% of total economic activity is unreported
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