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Lecture#11- Employee Attitudes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
John Kervin

1SOC 227WORKOCCUPATIONS11EMPLOYEE ATTITUDESTopicsOrganizational Commitment MeasuresCausesConsequencesEmployee EngagementMeasuresLevelsCausesOccupational Satisfaction MeasuresResearchCausesReadingsCh 83 defin work values whats valued in the worldgroup age groups work orientation what do people want from work job satisfactionresult of your experience work values pg 416 last sentence of the first and last sentences are important humanist tradition work should make us feel good how do we feel when we want to work and we cant find workthe experiences of work attitudes when this happens pg 421the authors questionsare the work values are changing And should they change The solution of inequality does the solution of inequality and polarization lie in the attitudes culture of overwork argument work orientation do women have different work orientation than men Do young workers have diff orientation than older workers Political debates on welfarealienation who controls whatdemand control model etcnot on test how your work effects your entire life What happens in the workplace goes beyond the workplacewhat are the impacts How does it effect what we do ORGANIZATIONALCOMMITMENTDefnAttitudes about the organization one works forJob satisfaction text only talks about this occupational satisfaction and organizational commitment
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