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Lecture#1- History of Industrial Capitalism

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University of Toronto Mississauga
John Kervin

1SOC 227WORKOCCUPATIONSSession 1HISTORY of INDUSTRIAL CAPITALISM1TopicsOrigins of WorkStages of IndustrializationThe Five Aspects1Feudal Society2Mercantile Capitalism3Early IndustrializationReadingsText introductionpp xix 19 to xxvii 27 Chapter 1110Reading notes Introimportant basic def Theoretical approaches towards work Marx Weber Durkheim Conclusions at the end of each chapter start w conclusion to get overview Chapter 1 def of industrialzation and capitalism Authors mixed them up how we got where we are todayShift of business from NS to ON How coal mining contributed to where we are today ORIGINS OF WORKHow did we get to where we are today 6 stages covering three The idea of working learning economic needs for survival We must look at The NonHuman AspectAll species have to find food shelter raising their young defending yourself from enemiesAspects of work become similar to human aspects The Human AspectSome aspects of work are geneticaccompanied us since evolution Its also more than genetics toolswork In the last 4000 years there have been dramatic changes in behaviour due to 1 new toolstecthis changes what we do and our work behaviour 2 Cultural development the idea of just working 6 days a week passes on then changes to 5 days a week now were shifting towards 3 days SocializationTeaching the next generation the culture and the rules of society
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