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Lecture#2- Industrialization

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John Kervin

1SOC 227WORKOCCUPATIONSSession 2INDUSTRIALIZATION2 TopicsCharacteristics of Industrial Capitalism4Industrial Capitalism5Corporate Concentration6PostIndustrial SocietyTheories and ExplanationsClassical Economic ExplanationsMarxWeberDurkheimReadingsText chap 1 1037Contains industrialing happening everywhere logic of industrialism thesis2 components include belief that sooner or later all contries will move into industrialism andTake a look at table 11 question on test from here 19 diff countries check incomehow much money people will make average income Is it related to education in the country Income equality Proportion of women working Industrialization on countries indiachinaRussia Compare china and india with what you know about CanadaWhat causes industrialization and capitalism different def today marx weber and derkheim Post industrialism where are we going Under globalization Pessimist vs optimist Is the future good or iffy Are we faced with a future with growing propersity of more inequality look at the ratio of the pay of the president and CEO of furtune 500 and figure out what they pay In 1960 the ratio 21 CEO vs president today the ratio is 301 the average ceo was making 30 times what the president made This is income equalityAre we entering the age of creativity talk about cities Toronto is one what is the new economy industrialauto industry a brazialian company owns a company in Hamilton who owns whatWhats the best role for govts to play What should they be doing Check out debate bw Keynesians and free market liberals2CHARACTERISTICSofINDUSTRIAL CAPITALISMHow is industrial cap Different from what we find in other economies and how was Canada industrialized How countries become industrialized consider SOL higher in postindustrial countries If you were out of Canada where would you live USA Sweden This is where we go back to table 11 would you like the excitement of living in a cosmo city or education or career opputunities So countries differ Per capita income col 4DVPer capita incomeFive potential causes that are related to per capita incomeUrbanization how urban is a country how many people live in citiesThe countrys recent economic growth stable countryLevels of education Proportion of women working Amount of income inequality last 2 col ChinaGrowing economic powerpoised to surpass the USA as the worlds leading economy Chinese buying into different countries like Africa and China Path to industrial has not always been smooth labor was cheap but now wages have risen In 2009 average monthly wage 413 but still china is higher and now they are thinking about outsourcing Labor strikes as a result there is a threat of losing its labor to other countries to BangladeshColumbia 4INDUSTRIAL CAPITALISMaround 1800s TechnologyindustrialMechanization now much more advanced under pure industrialism Unskilled employees can now do the work and you can pay these unskilled employees less than the skilled ones Manual labor jobs just dont have the prestige they used to have Plumber charges 110 for banging a pipe100 to know where to bang Mechanization led to larger factories In Canada in 1900 we had 70000 factories these were growing cause we had a infrastructure system railways Decline in agriculture by 1900 in Canada 60 was not agriculture
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