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Lecture#9- short

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John Kervin

1SOC 227WORKOCCUPATIONSSession 9 CONFLICT in the WORKPLACETopicsThe Labour ProcessLabour Process TheoryThe Lafayette Subaru PlantMethods of Mgt ControlMethods of Ee ResistanceReadingsCh 6 287302THE LABOUR PROCESSLabour Process TheoryFundamental questions asked by this theory how do organization managers manage the labor control and what effects do their methods have on employees This is an explanatory theoryObjective to extend marx Looking at the issue of conflict and controlFocustechnology what it is and what effect it has on workers IssuesDeskilling making jobs deskilled jobs require less skillsReistance employees resisting managersPremisesConflict of interest bw employees and managers this is due to Logic of Capitalism greater profits at less costs Competition leads to the need of management control management finds it necessary to control workers new technology requires lower skill levels it leads to continuing division of labor employees get less power this leads to more inequality Causal Model Bravermans ideaNewMgttechnologyDeskillingLess ee powerneedofEe resistanceforDivisionjobsMore inequality conflictcontroloflabourBravermans Contribution focuses attention to new jobs technology and get a feeling of whats going on Tendency to think that things are always getting better but Braverman countered this idea he said in many ways things were getting worse
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