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Lecture#7-Women's Employment

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John Kervin

17 WOMENSEMPLOYMENTOctober 20 2011TopicsFemale Labour Force ParticipationInternational ComparisonsOccupationsOccupational CategoriesOccupational Sex ConcentrationMeasuring Occupational Sex ConcentrationCausesOccupational Sex SegregationCausesREADINGSText ch 4The chapter is devoted to womens employmentSix sections1Historical contexthistorical background check the section on the family wage 1721742Female labour force participationthe big story figure 41 women in Canada are more likely to be in the labour force Canada has the largest increasewhy is Sweden different look for 4 reasons for the dramatic increase in labour force participation by women in Canada3Work Family Conflictwomen work their way up the ladder and then quit4Gender segregation 187occupational segregation vs occupational concentration 5The Wage Gapgap in annual earnings males always do much better than femalesnot the same as hourly wage earnings the gap is much smaller in hourly wage earnings and sometimes women do better6Theories of Gender Inequalityhuman capital and labour market segmentation theories looks at gender role socialization as an explanationQUESTION OF THE WEEK Bonus 2Question At the beginning of the chapter the book discusses the gender wage gap and how it is still evident today The book outlines that although there hasnt been much of a decline in terms of the gender wage gap recently over the long term womens earnings have been rising while mens have been stalled The book attributes this to the larger proportion of women investing in higher education and gaining access to betterpaying jobs The question I have with regards to this is that the book also previously mentioned that the proportion of women attaining postsecondary degrees is much higher than that of men and more and more women are being educated in engineering and life sciences Why is it still the case that women are making 60 70 or 80 that of their male counterparts
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