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Lecture 1

SOC231H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Scientific Method, French Revolution, Maternalism

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Zaheer Baber

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SOC231 Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Allergy to T(EORY abstract, no practical use
1) Clearer, analytical focus on issues vaguely understood
2) Different, conflicting explanations of complex social issues. No God’s viewpoint ie.
3) The Sociological Perspective: Structure (we all come to class at 1, social structure
partly conditions what we can and can not do)/Agency (you choose whether you
want to stay in class)/Ideology
4) Contemporary relevance of classical theory: where do we come from? What are
we? Where are we going?
Key concepts
The enlightenment
The social contract
Class, gender: society not an organic unity
Dialectics/dialectical perceptive
Idealism and maternalism
The social and intellectual context
Sociology: intellectual response to a crisis
17-18th century Europe and the world, a series of ongoing crises, events happened
in Europe that turned the word upside down, it’s a series of crises, when society has
not been noticed, suddenly its restructured, different social relationships,
institutions, social structures,
The world turned upside down
The scientific revolution ’s, the coming together of many cultures through trade
groups that begins to create the conditions where science is institutionalized
Industrial revolution/capitalism: ’S
1776: The American revolution
1789: the French revolution
Colonialism: Ireland (1542)
Egypt (1798)
India (1757)
The scramble for Africa 1880-1913: Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania,
Japan, Thailand, Ethiopia (Italy, 1936-1941) not colonized
The anti-slave revolution in Haiti 1971-1804
Japan 1868, Meiji restoration, that was one of the factors why Japan was not
What is presented as the truth may change
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