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Lecture 7

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Zaheer Baber

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Lecture 6 Certain ideas of Marx Apple computers and the factories they are actually made Incorporates key issues: the tendencies of capitalism and globalization Communist manifesto a passage, why it happens and needs to happen otherwise capitalism will collapse Weber and capital: reduce the cost of productions and relate it a commodity (apple products) Max Weber We need causal analysis, and cause and effect, but there’s more to it for Weber Social action: any action in which attach a meaning to • Social action can be an infinite possibilities, it is not random action • Three types of actions and nothing else “Ideal types of Action He wants to construct a model, in the real world these actions are never pure, no one is completely rational (we are not computers), no one is completely tradition, and no one is completely affectual They don’t exist in the pure form; we can separate the actions even though you find all three of them in one action 1. Rational: (a) Value – Rational: goals and means embedded in the action All those kinds of actions that are driven by values (b) instrumental-goal rational: goals and means outside the action Goal driven Traditional Nothing will change Affectual Actions driven by emotions Rationalization You replace old-tradition shopkeepers and areas of life with rules and laws that apply to people’s lives • Attempt to replace ambiguity, the unexpected, multiple possibilities or the “richness of life” with calculated predictability The “bureaucratic” of social life: “proper” rules, regulations, procedures etc. ID’s, registration of births, deaths, addresses, names, etc. (my birth; my postman) They represent rationalization; everything is recorded and modern society, they need to tract people • Weber: “This universal phenomenon more and more restricts the importance of charisma and individually differentiated conduct” (Charismatic Bureaucrat), if pushed into the extreme is like humans are being programmed to think and act a certain way Humans are endangered into becoming machines; everything is calculated and pre-planned, predictable The overlap between rationalization and alienation Are not naturally necessary, but we created them Rationalization of every sphere of life • Religion, law, politics, art, architecture, education, friendship, relationships etc. (Compare: Marx and “commodification”) Everything is a means to an end • Pre-fabricated, “McDonaldization”/”Slickification” of life The world resembles a clear cut Value rationality: action framed by larger meaningful values; an end in itself, not a means to an end; no narrow cost/benefit analysis (Mandela; Martin Luther King, environmental activists, doctors who really want to heal, teachers who really want to teach etc.) Formal/instrumental rationa
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