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lecture 1 notes

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Zaheer Baber

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Key Concepts / Ideas
The Enlightenment
Dialectics / Dialectical Perspective
I. The Social and Intellectual Context
Sociology: “An intellectual response to a crisis
17-18th century Europe and the world, a series of ongoing “crises
“The world turned upside down
The Scientific Revolution
Industrial Revolution/Capitalism: 1750’s
1776: The American Revolution
1789- The French Revolution
Colonialism, the Anti-Slave Revolution in Haiti
(a) the discovery of “Society” distinct fromnature
(b) the individual-society relationship
(c) the discovery of “social change
Social institutions are neithernatural nor divine, but humanly created
entities; can be transformed through social action
II. The Enlightenment
18th Century Intellectual and social movement
To “shed light” of “REASON” on “society”
Newtonian scientific method to understand society: application of REASON
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