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Zaheer Baber

1 Durkheim Brief quiz worth of 5 before exam not only lecture notes but textbook too only 3 lectures Social political historical context Marx 1818 to 1883 Weber 1864 to 1920 Durkeim 1858 to 1917 Weber rationalization revolution is impossible in the sense of turning upside down and starting afresh bureaucracy is to entrenched power holders it will continue Durkheim concern of social justice and inequality not just stability Weber- revolution change Web dubouis 1863 1963 founder of naacp Author of the souls of black folk Durkheim had a regular life compared to weber and marx Shift from gernman to French, he was first thinker to think of himself as sociogist Rules of sociological method is his book Main aim establish study fir socio distinct from psych and phil Study of social facts Socio is in between psych and phil..grounds of human condition social facts make it different Social facts External constraints, general not individual Social facts society a reality sui generis *unique) that cannot be reduced to individuals Whole is more than simply a sum of its parts Social facts have their own independent reality like things, external to individuals Outside of one everyone has access to it, something with its own terms Have a reality and life of their own Society is not whole with its ingredients final product is society itself, which differs from ingredients itself
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