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Zaheer Baber

TH NOVEMBER 9 2010 Durkheim and suicide rates of suicide rises during wars Over integregated in organization spike in suicide rates When they are discharged anomie let loose Weber rationalization process certain subjects which from one viewpoint do not contribute to material fluid they are increasingly seen as useless why would students waste time learning about history philosophy etc Weber not surprised Durkheims first book division of labour in society how is social order possible 1863 what social glue that binds ppl to society ? how do you explain basis of social order in a collectivity? Society is a entitity as more than just parts put together it has a unique reality. understanding basis of social order Simple society mechanical solidarity ppl alike share a common conscience collective (non industrial societies the basis for them to holding them together is mechanical solidarity) society is not complex, the division of labour is not pronounced self suffificent ppl make their own stuff creates a sense of shared values and bonds structurally (not many structural divisonsseperations) they share set of valuesideas conscious collective (basically ppl have similar values) conscious of a individual is generalized to everyone. They are not living such different lives its easier for them to agree. With population growth comes differentiation or division of labour (specialized task emerging) speed of life increases, comes organic solidarity ppl begin to do different things. You might expect conflicts emerging or differences of opinions that might lead to breaking up to society but he argues in fact opposite happens primarily as a result of division you get organic solidarity. Marx though specialized labour led to conflict or hostility, Durkhiem thought divison of labour and specialixation it leads to organic solidarity it is the glue that binds complex part of modern societies interdepdence of individuals - If you have specialized tasks that would create interdependence of individuals onto other individuals that are doing different tasks Society is anything BUT stable they are erupting in conflict industrial conflict (around him) social upheaval Durkheim being a socio and not idealigist (not prefer the world thru pure idealogy and wishful thinking) he has to take that into account that this conflict is during his time arguging conflicts happening because you dont have in his time the normal divison of labour the way it was supposed to be what you have us anomic divison of labour 1. Anomic lack of regulation division of labour dont have normal divison of labour but rather anomic divison of labour 2. Forced division of labour unjust contract addressing social inequality they sign a contract just bc they sign it doesnt mean its a just contract they dont have a choice (between starvation or 10cents an hour) this is bound to create conflict need more regulation understanding how much worker needs to survive
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