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Zaheer Baber

SOC231thJanuary 10 Last Weeks Recap Hobbes and Rousseau on human nature individual and society Hobbes argues to be really an individual you really need rules in place and those rules need to be administrated by a strong ruling power and from reverting to their natural state which is one of fighting and war there needs to be a fear of the ruling powerRousseau states that it is a society that leads to war and fighting and stops people from being in their natural state which is one of peaceThe Enlightenment humans rational perfectible Human beings are essentially rationalThey can become more and more perfect These thinkers critiqued religion they felt the role of clerical institutions had overstepped its authority and all rules and norms were dominated by these institutions IsOught dichotomy comes via negative critical thinking use of reason What is and What ought to be is and ought are always connected before the Enlightenment there wasnt a whole lot of focus on this aspectPositivismAttempting to apply natural science model Positive about the postFrench revolutionary society Natural laws for a conflict free society Elitist project in the sense that they thought sociologist really knew what was best of everybodyproblematic because you cannot treat humans in a scientific way like you can atoms and molecules also sociologists cannot know what is best for everyone Karl Marx 18181883
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