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Zaheer Baber

October 31 2012 Weber  Unintended unantipated consequence of social action: modern industrial capitalism  Structure-agency-structure 2-agency  Social transformation in ways you don’t notice  Sociology an attempt to connect particular ind in social relationships  All ind are networked no such thing as an isolated ind Ex Alistair Cook-daughter sought cremation after he died, they came collected his body-his body was snatched-harvested bones/tissue-weber there are no limits of the drive of instrumental rationality- intended or unintended –he was going be cremated anyway why not sell his body parts There are institutions in which rationality is located  Bureaucracy: the ultimate instrumentally rational organization rational org  Hierarchical pyramid  Written rules-what they serve to do-new development that occurs after French rev. new rules that dominate all institutions-start to resemble bureaucracy, has to be organized  Files-has to be organized  Salary not wages-not hourly output,  Bureau or office not personal-not connected to individual, the structure is there anyone can step into it, cant be transferred automatically there are rules  Different from past where the position was connected to the person ex kings queens Technical superiority over other organizations  Bureaucracies simultaneously inevitable and deeply problematic; instruments of power and domination-when it becomes to dominate it becomes problematic if focus is relentlessly on the written rules, any bus enterprise org  Goal displacement-following rules becomes goal –rather than fact that rules were to deal with issues outside of institution, irrational consequence of bureaucracies-inflexable  The doc and patient; technically perfect surgery>dead patient (environment issue)-everything went according to plan but patient died, trumping value rationality---environment/capitalism-to bad the environment is becoming bad  Weber it is horrible to think that the world could one day be filled w/nothing but those little cogs, little men clinging to little jobs and striving toward bigger ones (compare marx “alienation- not just workers but everyone)  If u have too much bureaucratization where rules become important rather than why they are in place what u get is sense of real human ind to become nothing but cogs that are caught up like a treadmill-like some social force waking u up everyday…ex Charlie chaplin caught up in everyday life  Marx the workers and capitalists are alienated lose control over creation  -weber lets generalize that idea-everyone loses control dominated by bureaucracies, specialists w/out spirit ex robotic life-  Marx communism will get rid of alienation  Weber says unlikely alienation will not completely disappear bd of bureaucracies very hard to dismantle in large scale corp, ministry of finance-resistant to change-so many interests involved- not saying no point to think about-we need to look at it in diff forms yet it’s a hard struggle  Yet as humans need to resist bureaucratization, yearns for charismatic leader (hitler?) Weber on : class and status  Like marx yet slightly diff emphasis, concept of status  Relationship to the means of production (marx) vs market situation (weber)  For weber yes they have class,  Classes are not comm 1. Working class 2. The petty bourgeoisie (old mid class 3. Propertyless intelligentsia white collar 4. Classes privileged thru property or educ
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