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Weber ideal types

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Zaheer Baber

October 24 Max weber Concepts 1. Ideal types-drinking coffee, variety of coffees but it’s an ideal type 2. Social action and types of action-any action can comprise of four components, can understand the dominant action 3. Rationalization Rationalization (compare marxs concept of alienation)  Attempt to replace ambiguity, the unexpected multiple possibilities or richness of life with calculated predictability  Begin to see process happening  Driven by certain predictable calc rules, procedures  Concept similar but not identical to alienation  increasing bureaucratization of social life  proper rules and regulations, cost benefit analysis-appears not only in institutions but other spears of life. Emergence and domination of proper rules  ID’s –T-card, registration of birth cert. deaths, addresses….well I might know who you are but I need your id-based on impersonal relationships  World slowly becoming irrationalized –does not mean in neg sense. As soc develops further need more info  More and more instituions begin to resemble eachother-airports not much difference. Hospitals and airports make life easier bc its universal. Weber- weed out what is genuinely human  No need for personalities-ex fast food customer and worker. Order food…  Weber- this universal phenomenon more and more restricts the importance of charisma and individually differentiated conduct (charismatic bureaucrat) Rationalization of every sphere of life  Religion law politics art architecture education-bureaucartic-weber theres a limit- focus of university on global rank system- do anything to move up-do certain outbursts that don’t have to do w/education- the key goal of an org gets subverted and the ranking becomes the dominant factor rather than the reason why it was there in the first place, friendship ect marx and commodification. Become rationalized –law is rationalized-as society develops further it is all written down. Law-if this happens you go to jail for _amount of time. Politics-politics- stagematic.  pre-fabricated “mcdonaldization of life, limited choices that we choose from. Influence everyday life. All pre-fabricated. Certain social factors at work that begin to see human beings as not really human beings.  value rationality-action framed by larger meaningful values: an end in itself not a means to an end; no narrow cost benefit analysis (mandela; martin luther king; environmental activists, doctors who really want to heal)  formal rationality; means ends calc; narrow cost benefit analysis; action simply means to some other end (most prof politicians; doc who only wants to make money. (ppl who know price of everything but value nothing)-how much is this jacket-not so much about how good it is. Narrow way of looking at world  these are ideal types-no pure value or formal rationality-has both.diff forms of rationality at work  value rationality appears to be irrational but formal irrationality is irrational  ex-unrestrained capitalism and the environment; get situation that looks rational produces as much as u can and if overproduced dump in sea-in long run it is irrational  weber; specialists w/o spirits; the iron cage- not simply alienation –what is going on is increasingly-rise of ppl who are specialist without spirits. Get out of house at certain time, work then go home repeat; spirits are drained. Stuck w/this; iron cage-all spheres of life dominated by iron cage; rules procedure, line up-rational way of thinkin
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