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week2 lecture notes

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Erik Schneiderhan

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Lecture 2 SOC 232 Jan 10, 2011
Context changed in early 20th late 19th century what happened? Changed social
context of our lives:
oCapitalism, enlightenment, slavery, media, urbanization, mass migration,
globalization, factories, World Wars, great depression, communism,
authoritarian regime, facism, role that state plays in managing the economy,
challenging some of the notions that came from enlightenment
oPpl started to say how do they make sense of this? Theory arises
oHappened in our lives last 10 years: social media, global warming, smart
phones, way diseases are dealt with, internet these are things that we dont
understand now things change quickly
One big thing in a theme that emerged in mid-20th century is indiv and society how
do I relate to society? Sense that ppl have more choices and more control over their
lives and the social roles that they play society was getting wealthier, more ppl
going to univ, shifting from industrial to information economy (in developed world),
more attn to how indiv fit in and capitalism (private ownership of means of
production) was oriented on consumers and loosening up of oppression of impulses in
50s and 60s loosening up by buying more in pursuit of our own self interest.
Really important to motivate consumers = increasing tolerance in society in new
kind of oppression, sense that our lives managed by the social system = no
individuality as we are buying the same stuff. No longer assumption (if ever was
one) that was harmonious system that work greats for everyone. Whos doing what
in society linked to this is question of identity. Who am i and what are the social
construction of our social role? We believe in these socially constructed ideas like
what is means to be a student and what are the norms of this eg. Not speaking in
class. Is this natural construction or social? Notion of who am i in this social
constructed stuff? eg. Race is made up socially constructed Irish was non-white
in the past.
Social cultural construction of knowledge ways in which ppl share understanding
of social world
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