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week3 lecture notes

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Erik Schneiderhan

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SOC232 Lecture 3 Jan 17, 2011
Jane Addams only sociologist to win Nobel Prize
Advocate for the poor and women
Hull-House led to ideas about social work and how its done
Founders of modern sociology Chicago School
Propinquity = to relate with your neighbour and reciprocal relations bw neighbours
is essence of social life for Addams = nearness cant know whats happening
without experiencing
In reading: Division of labour (breaking work into smaller, mindless task) is a
problem because women are put into these menial jobs that arent about craft but
production for capitalists. Addams is very keen on unionism thousands of us but
one of them but power is on their side so need unionism to engage in struggle with
Themes: Div of labour, power, inequality, unions
William James
Part of Metaphysical club
Du Bois was James student
Was also a Pragmatist like Addams something was true if it worked and false if
didnt but its part of the doing whats the difference that makes the difference
Classic formulization of the idea of the Social self as opposed to
Not a natural thing as the self James broadening what we think about the self
p.158-9 we see them dealing with a fluctuating material, the same object
sometimes being part of me...his clothes, reputation and work there are 3 basic
types for the self material, social, spiritual (about doing things)
Dont think about me in monolithic terms (one entity), break up the me and
sometimes these parts can conflict think about the self in social terms what u
think of me
W.E.B. Du Bois
First black man to recv doctorate from Harvard, also activist
Keep idea of me in mind when reading Du Bois
Double consciousness captures enigma of being African American
Song in reading black and white culture both have something to say in equal
Double consciousness + veil came to him in revelation when he was exchanging
cards at school and the white girl didnt accept his card it dawned on him that he
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