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sept 25 - SOC236

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Elizabeth Johnson

Sept.25, 2012 Enormative arguments – attractive perspective Imperically based argument – facts and numbers Globalization from Above (Top-down global capitalism) - Promote neo-liberalism o Deregulation – let money go in and out of the country without government interference  Privatization – public to private power company o Neo-liberal globalism – straight jacket that all nations have to wear and follow the same regulations  Golden because its lined with gold, it will lead your country to wealth - Globalization from below o They have a globalization element o Inequality within states and across states o The idea of the golden straight jacket isn’t democratic Globalization as a moving target - Friedman vs ghemawhat o Friedman  He sees the engine of change in national states and technology  The lexus and the olive tree  The lexus is the symbol of the new fast world and the new rules, where if you follow you’ll be good building this new lexus  The olive tree is the slow world o You have to spead up or you will become road kill  The old olve tree world vs the new flat globalized world  Does the internet make guns and missiles outdated? o Military has not decreased even under democratic presidency Obama  Borderles
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