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Lecture 2

SOC 240 Lecture 2: Lecture 2

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Chandrasekhar Savitri

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Lecture 2
What are Social Policies?
Govern and manage how you work, govern our behaviours in the world
Central government – primary agency
Policy rooted in the past and directs the future
Usually a gradual process
Not all written policy – written in culture and minds of people, people don’t question why
Some important concepts
Act on peoples welfare and well-being
Context in which policies are made
Social policy begins with social problems
Traditional ways of meeting welfare needs
Polices in Peel region -problems behind the policy, why that policy exists
Economics – if people can meet their basic needs
Jonathan Bradshaw
Social policies to meet those needs
Market economy – grows, everything grows alongside it
Social Policy and the Government
Qualified, legislation
Movie – Love Comes Slowly
Policy – cannot live together if married
What you can and cannot do
Pastor is needed
Need man to have roof over head
Canadian Social Policies
Who decides what is right in policy
Who benefits
Policy definitions
Unmentioned problems – stop smoking – people lose jobs due to decline of products
being sold
Neo liberalism forgets about people
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