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Pre-Industrial Families

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Lina Samuel

PreIndustrial FamiliesSeptember 20 2011Early ChristianityBetween the 4th and 10th century Christianity extended beyond the Roman EmpireThis religion started within JudaismHighest form of moralty was virginity sex was sin7th degre of cousins prohibited you couldnt marry anyone that is related to you1563 Council of Trent Future marriages must be celebrated in the presence of a priest and 23 witnessesNo divorce annulment for the wealthy groupspeasants and poor families left their marriages through abandonmentReformationProtestant Church split form the Catholic ChurchMartin Luther 14381546Endorsed civil marriages civil contracts could endFocus on civil morality and individual responsibilityFamily Life in Medieval England Tracy Adams 2001Nature of production shaped family relationsFeudalismKindsNoblesSerfsFreemanArtisans and Craftsmanstratified structuremanny inequalities emerged through the structure of the familychildren from the serfs were expected to work17 to 18of Europes population were farmers making it difficult for people to leave their land they were deeply connectedlack of formal education except for children of the wealthy and elitenot much travelingabsence of reading and writinglack of connectivity thus making t difficult t marry outside of your 7th degree cousinFEUDALISM CONTINUEDRigid and stratified societyFarmersindentured laborersilliterate and uneducated formalfamily business all of the people in the household were involved in productionVillages were closely knit with local culture
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