SOC244H5 Lecture 1: Lecture 1- 6th September, 2016

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Published on 8 Jun 2017
Lecture 1- 6th September, 2016
School experiences are different for everybody regardless of environment
Some inequalities exist in varying environments (varying in school resources à breakfast
programs, class sizes, class trips, etc.)
Sociology of education seeks to broaden and link these educational inequalities to social
Photos compare two different classroom environments
Differences include à crucifix on wall (religious), laptops (technology accessible to students),
classroom size, uniforms (signifies religious or elite school), desk configurations (circle vs.
How teachers have desks set up indicates how they see themselves as teachers and students
as learners
Rich school vs. poor school YouTube video
Community support and neighborhoods where students come from impact quality of
James Coleman asked by US government to do research on school resources needed to level
playing field
US government was thinking about race à aware that host school segregation à white and
black children were experiences education different and having different outcomes
Findings à significant (one we still talk about) findings demonstrated school resources matter
very little when you have students coming from different kinds of neighborhoods
If the US gov. decided to inject resources into school budgets, wouldn’t have a significant
SES à socio-economic status (of kids families) is what matters
Everyone believed that school is where kids get a chance and where they have an environment
to grow education, so this finding shook it up
The Atlantic article à demonstrates that 50 years later sociologists continued to find that
households and neighborhoods and SES matters
Article showed SES is more important than race in these inequalities
Research shows that SES is the most important factor shaping educational experiences and
US à Today gap between poor and wealthy kids grew by 40% and is larger by 50% than the
white vs. black gap
find more resources at
find more resources at
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