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Lecture 1

SOC244H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Matriarchy, Exogamy, Patrilocal Residence

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Lina Samuel

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Soc244 Lec#1
What is sociology of families:
- study of family from sociological viewpoint
- views effect of social change on family
- trying to understand the relations of family and the institution and construction
why sociology of families:
- social worker
- therapist
what is a family:
- originally meant band of slaves
defining the family:
- There are different definitions of the family
- They change over time
- legal perspective
ogov’t defines the family: example census family: married couple and
same sex marriages now under this definition (change over time)
othere are different types: nuclear family is not different, definitions change
and may differ across diverse social constructs
- CIC definition of family: immigration
oCensus: involves grandchildren and grandparents as part of family
oRequires federal sponsorship, thus included secondary components of
oIncludes other eligible relatives: dependent children, can include those
- Family vs. household:
oFamily related via blood or union (marriage)
oHousehold can include other individuals, non-relatives
Example: friends as roommates
- Social definition:
oChurch: one man and one woman as a family union + children
Not same sex couples
- Idiosyncratic:
oIndividual definition: how person defines family
In some cases close friends are considered family
Conflict: can lead to detaching blood relatives from family.
Example: papa and aba
The meaning of family
- Different from each other, across different cultures
- Every family is different, they cannot fall in one category, sometimes the family
definition may be too simple.
Cultural variations in families
Nuclear family:
- what we are most familiar with, comprised of couples and their chidren
- conjugal pair: husband and wife, not same sex
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