SOC244H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Prenatal Care, Structural Functionalism, Talcott Parsons

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4 Apr 2012
Soc 244 Jan8th lec6
Lectures one to five on the midterm Medicalization of birthing
Dorothy Wertz 1983 what birth has done for doctors
-what birth has done for women
-french measurements of the pelvis
-english development of forceps
-early forceps wrapped in leather
-when women did suffer ailments of deaths was cause of unsterilized forceps
-that infection wasn’t linked to the lack of sterilization
-physicians needed to wash their hands between seeing patients
Obstetrics or midwifery: first specialty taught un American medical schools
Money to be earned a major impetus for discrediting the work of midwives
Main reasons for decline of female midwife (wertz and wertz)
-change in cultural attitudes about the right spaces for women to occupy
-attitudes that women could not be confronted with the facts of medicine
-lack of organization among female midwives
-changing tastes-increase their own status
-body as machine- look at our body as the same way we would manage a car, the view of the body as an
Medical treatment of women Mitchenson 1993
Increased belief in use of medical technology, women have seen their control over childbirth decline
Act between patient and doctor not between women and women dominated by alienation for women at
the time of their birthing
Feelings of alienation because there is no close kin
Socializing family to hospitals
Act between patient and a doctor
Hospitals existed for charity and those without homes used hospitals
-elite paying customers
-hospitalization of births
-hospital a place you go for the treatment of illness
-twilight sleep society encourage drugs for birth
-doctors argued that the perception that nature was weakening
-safer or as safe as hospital birth
The technocratic Model of Birth Davis Flyod 1996
-Birthing as a highly bureaucratic and autocratic practice
-values the supremacy of science, technology and patriarchy
-body as machine
-nature is flawed
-descartes mind body dualism
-abstract notion
-placed into a particular case
-the Cartesian model operates to make the technician the expert
-the body breaks down it needs to be repaired hospital mechanic shop
-demise of mid-wife
-cultural acceptance of the body as a machine
-our body is somehow flawed
-and is need of constant repair
-as an institution it has a higher value than the individual and the family
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