SOC244H5 Lecture Notes - Louis Althusser, Lisa M. Diamond, Visible Minority

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4 Apr 2012
Soc244 week 9 lecture
-exam april 17th
Study of black families
-cultural ethnocentric approach
-cultural relativity approach
-african-american families
-african-canadian families
-gay lesbian families
-family values and compulsory heterosexuality
-ideological state apparatus althusser 1971
-census statistics
-contemporary research on LGBTQ families
-state and state policies which impact the family form
-slave trade
-important historical moment in our time
-visual youtube video history of black African slavery and colonization
-the pan African national anthem
-paul gillroy urges us to look at the problems people had contentious modern capitalism the role of
capitalism and the history of contemporary capitalism (youtube clip)
-scholars war us envisioning a single African American experience (hill, murray and Anderson, 2995:24)
-diversity reflected in differing immigration experiences, regional residence, political views, socio-
economic variations, religious beliefs an cultural practices
- the total number of slaves that landed in America has long been debated
-12 million slaves
-the horror of the traffic were approximate 4 times that amount to about 48 millions of people
-36 million casualties
-imagines of vast numbers of people transported- high death rates
-if they refused to eat, if they were sick they were thrown over seas
-destined for south America
-brazil and the touch Caribbean and the dutch Caribbean
-the slave trade lasted for over 4 centuries
-movement from the south to the north
-1793 ontario was the first colony to end slavery
-and completely 1833 it was another 30 yrs later that it ended in the us.
Melville Herkovits and E. Franklin Frazier
-common-law unions were normal
-rates of illegitimacy was high
-early studies of black families
-framed in a narrow thinking
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-herskovits and frazier americans
Frazier-sociologist ethnocentric approach
-the origins of the black families were to be found much more connected to the African family that they
left behind
-they both have opposing views
-for frazier you have to look at the families in their existing condition in America
-the disruptive plantation disrupted the family
-for Herskovits- they tended to cling to Africanism
-for frazier he argues that nothing remains of what was their African heritage
-systematically stripped of their culture their beliefs their heritage
-african families adopted white
-herskovits; origins of black family to be found in African cultural heritage
Frasier: origins of black family rooted in slavery and the plantation system
-family composition continually being disrupted by the sale of children
-the family unit becomes a mother and her children
-plantation onwner could easily sell of the husband
-children dependant on their mother
-whether the for of the black family was a modified form of the African pattern or influenced by white
-Julia Dobson
-cultural ethnocentric approach
-unstable, disorganized
-black family is a consequence of slavery and American culture
-plantation system
-changing social and economic conditions of life in America
Cultural Relativity School
-continuation of African cultural forms
-authentic African cultural patterns found in music, language, housing structure..
-slavery did not totally destroy the traditional African base
Sudarkasa African American family
-false dichotomy that underlies the socio-econommic conditions in which the black family has evolved
-you cannot dismiss or ignore the importance of slavery or narrow it down
-west African cultures in her study
-when we think of instituitions we think of large buildings but they have to be flexible
-adaptable if they are not they wont survive highly adaptive instituition
-changing economic conditions
-changing educational opportunities
-changing demographics
-housing options
-social policies
-understanding of the household among African American families
-she points to the myth that African American families a female headed
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