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Lecture 7


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University of Toronto Mississauga
Lina Samuel

29-02-2012 Soc244 lecture notes lecture 7 The aboriginals lecture -residential school-honoring our parents -youtube video -inuit finally get their apology article from the Toronto star -they finally got their apology for the movement they suffered -they were moved from tundra area to the article -became known as the high artic exiles -they moved from hudsons bay -from 1853 to 1953 -process of getting individuals off welfare -the government were using it to relocate people from parts into Canada to increase their sovereignty -20 degrees colder than what they were use to they were not properly sheltered -ill prepared for the new conditions -apologized for the promise made that were not kept -none of this happened -naskapi in newfoundland and Labrador -family relations were destroyed with the arrival of the Jesuit -the largest number of aboriginals live in b.c 4% -in Saskatchewan they make up 11% of the population -in Nunavut they make up about 84% -in Saskatchewan it is projected that it will be a very high population of young aboriginals The human development index is a comparison used by nation which quantifies education, level of income, life expectancies, etc -in recent years Canada ranks 4 generally in the top 5 in terms of the human index -analysis done by the research of the Indian affairs of Canada using census data nd -if you include the natives on rtherves Canada would be ranked 62 and if ranked by registered natives both on and off would rank 46 on the HDI. (human development Index) -in agriculture the family has a important role to play in which how children are socialized, it protects and nourishes a child -important roles fulfilled by the family: 1. protects and nourishes the child 2. passes on language which provides a code for making sense and understanding the world 3. teaches ways of behaving 4. instills values and sense of what is important, what is worth protecting and fighting for (Castellano) -hunter gatherers moved from location to location -the women of the 6 nations had a substantial amount of power -europeans emposed their laws and values on the native families -they were forced to take on the nuclear family and patrilineal families -forced to take on aspects of family forms that were not inherent to them -the settlers brought diseases such as tubercolouses -they brought small pox -they brought alcohol -and destroyed the aboriginals -the residential schools 29-02-2012 -the Indian act 1876 -powerful piece of legislation had a profound effect on native people -lasting effects on the lives of native people -a woman married to anyone other than an Indian was not entitled to status as an Indian nor were her children -patriarchal laws that destroyed mat
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