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Gregory Bird

SOC263 – Lecture – November 13, 2012 Social Inequality & Education Education Attainment: “A measure of the highest degree (of education) a person has (i.e. bachelors, high school diploma, College Certificate etc.)” Educational Return: The monetary and occupational labour market rewards that one receives on the basis of their level of educational attainment.  Despite having an educational attainment there may not be an educational return because of Income Inequalities (based on gender, since there is a wage discrimination and men get paid more than women) Education Attainment and Educational Return Never Qualified: Canadian born citizens often attained the never qualified jobs than recent immigrants) creates an inclusion/exclusion factor. Ever Overqualified: Involves credentials not being recognized for immigrants and having to settle for low paying- low education based jobs Ever Overqualified creates downward mobility because credentials of immigrants are devalued (i.e. from Global South) though a system of radicalization. There is institutional/structural racism (i.e. professional racism, where there is racial profiling by employers) that leads to structural barriers and de-evaluation of credentials. QUESTION: Why is there a point system that regulates who gets in terms of education yet there is major overqualification that occurs in jobs where many immigrants are overqualified? ANSWER: There is a disconnect between the government and employers _____________________________________________________________________________________ IMMIGRANTS DO NOT HAVE THE SOCIAL CAPITAL TO GET THEM THE JOBS THEY ARE QUALIFIED FOR  There is a system that divides jobs (i.e. migrant workers programs /temporary jobs – where they come to Canada and get sent back after a period of time to their country i.e. Nannies/farmers) Immigrants with high education often get pushed down to do the dirty jobs. There is a hype of University education since j
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