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Lecture #7-Post-Industrial Inequality (2) – Race and Ethnic Inequality

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Paul Armstrong

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Post-Industrial Inequality (2) Race and Ethnic Inequality SLIDE 2 -Originally racial inequality stemmed from natural sciences to classify and separate individuals based on physical traits (different racial backgrounds, skin color, etc) A hierarchy is placed based on these different features -Race is a social construction There is a valid and empirical basis for distinguishing different races -Racialization: The process where individuals physical traits are deemed to seem significant and differences in these physical traits lead to inequality among people. It is intimately linked to social construction. -Racialization is the basis of social inequality SLIDE 3 -Racialization serves as the justification for a great deal of colonial, empirical, and etc history -Racialization served as a justification -White Mans burden is a book is the idea that the white population has a responsibility to civilize all the populations they invade. They had a moral responsibility to spread civilization. -Being a slave was solely determined by the color of ones skin. -There are physical results of racism -Colonialism also caused psychological costs upon Natives -Fanon argues that colonialism wasnt only based on the exploitation of one country intruding other countries (it was a large part of it). He argued that the more significant feature of colonialism was the
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