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Lecture #9-Concluding Marks

by OC4

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Paul Armstrong

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Concluding Marks
-Final exam same format as midterm
-Choose 4/5 short answer questions
-broad concepts
-theoretical ideas
-Define concepts and how it relates to social inequality
-Not cumulative (only covers things from the midterm forward)
-3 essay questions (think critically)
!Statement that we need to argue and take a position on (argue it like we are arguing something that
someone has never heard before)
!Be specific and define it and everything
-My mark depends on how to relate everything to inequality.
-The first clip talks about the inequality in income between the average Canadian, and the average
Canadian CEO.
!The differences would be like comparing the height of a human to the height of the CN tower.
!The top 100 CEO’s got a 22% raise this year from the previous year
-There are increasing disparities between income and the two different segments of the populations
(extremely wealthy and the average)
-He has theorized social class in a society
!He believes that the best case scenario isn’t socialism
!He believes that if we look at contemporary society, we can in vision a society where we transition
away from capitalism and socialism.
Wright talks about different ways that we can function together to reduce inequality.
-This graph sums up Wrights analysis.
!The bottom shows the strength of different social classes.
!The interest of the higher class: safe working conditions, good income
!The interest of the working class (bourgeois): Long term steady profit rate, and lack of interference from workers.
-On one side there would be maximum exploitation, 24hour work days, and slave like conditions are the extreme for
the working class. On the other end, extreme conditions would be workers being subordinate to larger companies.
!Both are still forms of inequality
-Wright suggest that both classes will have their interest met (social democratic ideal)
!State of cooperation between capitalist and labor
!Mutual benefit
-Wrights is the most political, economical, and beneficial to workers
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