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Lecture 4

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Anna Korteweg

Lecture 4 Gender & Inequality What is Gender -Sex v.s Biology: more than two sexes. -Intersex characteristics: have both women and men 1 and 2 characteristics. -Sex assigned when people was born, make it looks like there are only 2 sexes (genders), but there are more than 2 sexes; tend to exaggerate sexes into two complete different capacity (i.e : women are weak, men are physical strong) -Women and men`s physical capacity actually overlapping Gender as social construction: think women are sympathy, weak, follower. While men are leader strong. Sex is the physical structure of the coat rack, gender is what you hang on the coat rack. Gender as structure Definition: Gender is a social structure is to see gender as a central organizing feature of social life. What we do, who we are, how we interact with others, our opportunities and constraints, out advantage and disadvantage are all patterned by gender. - Gender relation: put men in a group of power and domination over women in another group Gender Inequality -Forms of gender inequality -production and social reproduction -level of society sees men as a better group to women, i.e. Unequal pay for equal work, women have less access to political system than men -Gender & production  Statistic Table: Medium earning, Full time worker (1978-2008)  Men earning stays constant; women earning has increased throughout 1978-2008, but still earn less than men.  Why: women in sector which that does not pay high wage (occupation with less pay)  Success materiality leaves cut off women earning -Gender & social reproduction  Social reproduction: array of activities and relationship that involved maintain people both in daily basis and inter-generationally (get raised or raised parent)  Unpaid work: women spend more time on unp
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