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SOC263 09/26/2013 Class & Social Inequality Karl Marx(1818-1883) born in the middle of the industrial revolution When it comes to understanding class, class is always about making the stuff we need to live. Most of the time a few people have a lot of control and many people have little control. Marx thought capitalism was hateful but a necessary step towards a successful society. Factories are doing something to help organize society. There’s a shift in the kinds of classes that are out there. Social class is based on productive relations. Making things that we need or think we need to live. Marx wants to know what are your rights and what power do you have to control how the production process is organized. IMPORTANT: Class for Marx is about the relationship of any given individual to the means of production. Social Class: Based in productive relations Relational Types of classes Owners of land, capital, labour power Owners are the capitalists Dead labour-made by people in the first place but its not alive, it does do the work in producing Labour power- important for Marx to distinguish between labour(not exchanged for goods or profit) and labour power(capacity to work is sold on the market, you have sold the essay that you used labour for) We sell our labour power, but the bourgeoisie set the price The worker: what they need is to be able to reproduce themselves daily and through generations Relationship between capitalists and workers Bourgeoisie, petit bourgeoisie, proletariat Bourgeoisie- own land, own capital, and employ people to produce stuff and use that control over land and capital Petit- own land or capital and derive an income from that but they don’t use other peoples labour power Max Weber(1864-1920) Life chances and Social Class “class, status, party” power and domination forms of authority a lot more classes are possible property class- the class you fall into is determined by property ownership property owners form a class income class- they won a lot of stuff and that determines their economic well being quote page 25…what does it mean? Contemporary Revisions Erik Olin Wright Updating Marx for today Relationship to means of production remains central Adds Concepts of Authority(whether you’re a manager, whether you have labour powers)and Skill(higher wage for labour power with higher skill, more skill more money) Theory of Explanation(the inverse interdependence principle, the exclusion principle, the appropriation principle) Frank Parkin Updating Weber for today Social closure Reproduction of class through social closure regarding property rights
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