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Tracing Canada's White Settler History

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Mary Jo Nadeau

SOC263 th January 19 Tracing Canada’s White Settler History White Settler Colonialism - the dispossession and near extermination of indigenous populations by the conquering Europeans o structured by racial hierarchies  ex. Australia – dominated the population in number and power through whiteness o economic and cultural apartheids  forms of where people are situated following the colonization process  ex. Canada – labour markets – whole whites have greater access o mythologies of white superiority, ownership and belonging  ideas that make the claim that white people have a rightful access to the land or are somehow natural to it - global concept, not simply restricted to Canada – ex. South Africa (Dutch) o different from Canada? different proportion of population and motives Colonization on a Global Scale 5 phases of European Colonization/Globalization 1. slavery and exploration of non-European lands, peoples (c.1492) 2. early contact, conquest, settlement, slavery and colonization of large parts of the world by Europe 3. permanent European settlement, colonization, exploitation (capitalism as global market) 4. period of imperial wars (up to WW1) 5. post-WW2 western capitalist expansion, neo-colonialism, globalized, neoliberalism - colonization and colonialism goes hand in hand with racism Colonization through… - resource appropriation and mercantilism (1492 to 1700s) o forms of trade etc. o resource extraction - European white settlement (1700s) - land treaties and deception (royal proclamation 1763) - nation-building (Canadian confederation 1987) o formation of Canada – starts forming its ideal of white Canada - settler violence (slavery and white nationalist movements ex. Canada first) - assimilation and erasure - state immigration policies (1867-current) o preferred and non-preferred races – degrees of whiteness to settle the population o policies of exclusion – who cannot come in - multicultural myths of unity and tolerance Film – The Other Side of the Ledger – An Indian View of the Hudson’s Bay Company - Rupert’s Land – exclusively occupied by the Indian and Eskimo - 1970: 300 anniversary of HBC - why is the Queen of England visiting Canada
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