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Gregory Bird

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How to marry rich - Gender is affected by class and they work together to see what is appropriate Marx’s theory of social class - Mode of production: they are defined how they work, not defined by peoples ideas because these ideas are developed by society. o The means of production  instruments and tools we use to make things  it covers people working/ working people, machines and tools, buildings we have, education of the work force o Social relation production / class  If you own the means of production/property – you have power  Bourgeoisie – own the means of production, you have the power to appropriate others  Proletariats – you exchange labour for wages, creates an unequal relationship = exploitation - Social classes is based in productive relations o It is based on where you stand in the ranking system o More you own = more power o Richer gets richer, poorer gets poorer – economic polarization (marx’s believe is economic polarization) o Shapes moral gender in society  People in bourgeoisie have more prividledge and rights - Social class is conceptualized in relational terms o Owning things = you have real power over peoples everyday lives – you can dictate how materials are deployed in society o Ownership is not just the sole determinor of class – but the key is how you use your ownership  How you use it can give you more power or less power o We live in a society that relies on wealth  One loses, others gain - Exploitation o You want people to work harder and for less money  Keep wages down o Class exploitation  Interdependence principle  Exclusion principle:  Appropriation principle - All you need is cash o WASP – White anglo-saxon protestant  T
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