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Lecture 11

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Reza Barmaki

SOC307-Lecture 11 Aug 20, 2012 Zygmunt Bauman  Risk societies  Consumer  Post-production  Post-industrial  Dominant economic discourse:  Consumption Economic discourse: consumption  Massive quantities of commodities  Shoppers replaced workers  How to sell commodities  Constant advertising  Planned obsolescence  Shoddy products (corporate crime)  Lower wages (cost of production)  Idealized happy shoppers  Commercialized celebration  Key to profit making: Constant consumption Child Labourers to Child Consumers  Shopping: early age  Next generation of consumers  Kids understand life & themselves in terms of shopping  Targeted by corporations  Shopping=happiness  =Success in life=status  Live are spent shopping  World treated as a shopping mall What sort of people consumer society produces?  Economically: debt  Psychologically: care about shopping, selfish, greedy  Ethically: treat others as obstacles, ignores consequences Crimes of Boredom  Alienation:  Consumer society cannot give a meaning/goal to individuals’ lives  Shopping cannot give meaning  Environmental destruction & crimes-the consumer society International Crime  Global Capitalism:  Raw materials  Resources  Markets  Corporate-backed invasions, military coup d’etat… Consumer Society & Social Institutions  Rapid change  Institutional instability  Work, marriage…  Social mobility (upward, downward)  Losing job or pension, bankruptcy  By-products:  Psychological:  Uncertainty, anxiety, fear  Social:  Learning & experience unimportant  Obsolete humans Institutions  Rapid change  Institutional instability  Social mobility  Post-production:  High unemployment  Anxiety fear uncertainty  Dismantling of social services  High poverty rate  “Surplus population”  Noe-liberal ideology:  Individualization of responsibility  “You are on your own” More Byproducts  Frustration  Violence  Hatred  Crime Poverty and Gangs  Increase in the number of gangs  All over the world  Youth poverty has resulted in numerous youth gangs Social Control: Exclusion  Punitive measures  “Get tough on crime”  Prison overcrowding  Booming business of prison building Part 2: Criminal Justice System Criminal Justice System  Legal Framework  Law:  Custom, divine, natural, positive  Complex societies  Formal institutions  Law enforcement & punishment  Criminal justice system -Courts -Police -Corrections -Public Federal & Local Governments  Constitution gives federal government exclusive right to legislate criminal law  Provinces: have exclusive control over civil law Canada’s Court System  Court differs in levels of:  A) Legal superiority  B) Jurisdiction  Two basic levels:  1) Federal  2) Provincial & territorial  Provincial courts:  Have jurisdiction over administration of justice in their area  Cases start in provincial courts  Both Criminal or Civil The Criminal Process in Canada: Constitutional Foundation  Section 7  Protects an individual’s autonomy and personal legal rights from action of the government There are three types of protection within the section 7  1) Right to life  2) Right to liberty  3) Right to security  Principles of fundamental justice  To create justice:  Protecting individual rights  Balance it with greater good of society  Limiting the 3 basic rights Principles of fundamental justice  1) Arbitrariness: law no arbitrary applied  2) Vagueness: law should be clear  3) Overbreadth: means for achieving purposes must be reasonable  4) Mens Rea: crimes involving prison sentences must have a Mens Rea (guilty mind) element  5) Shocks the conscience: no extraditions where shocking punishments  6) Right to silence: no policy trickery; silence does not m
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