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SOC307 Lecture 3

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Reza Barmaki

July 11th SOC307 Lecture 3 Superego (conscience) - mainly unconscious (right/wrong, good/bad) - result of socialization internalized social rules and expectations - watches ego’s moves - punishes it with feelings of anxiety and guilt - criticizes and prohibits immoral fantasies, feelings and actions Socialization in Psychoanalysis - resolution of oedipal conflict (for boys) - a part of psychosexual development: - development of libido (sexual appetite); things that keep humans going - inhibiting sexual appetite during any stage would result in anxiety and persist into adulthood as a neurosis 5 Development Stages - source of pleasure is in a different erogenous zone of the infants body: - oral - anal - phallic - latent -genital Oral Stage - 0 to 2 years old - mouth sources of gratification - pleasure of feeing t the mother’s breast - oral exploration of environment (tendency to place objects in mouth) - id: dominates - no: ego, superego - action based on pleasure principle - weaning: key experience, first feeling of loss, increases infants self awareness: - lack of control over environment - learns delayed gratification - leads to: independence (awareness of the limits of the self), trust (behaviours leading to gratification) Thwarting Oral stage results in: - if too much or too little gratification. Leads to adulthood problems i.e. fixation: passitivity, gullibility, immaturity, unrealistic optimism, manipulative personality Two factors resulting in ego formation at oral stage: 1) developing a body image: difference from environment e.g. through pain 2) delayed gratification: realization that specific behaviours satisfy some needs; e.g. crying Anal Stage - 15 months to 3 years - erogenous zones: Anus - key experience: toilet training - results in conflict between: Id – demanding immediate gratification; and Ego – demanding delayed gratification in face of environmental demands Immoderate parental demands: 1) too demanding: compulsive personality, over concern with neatness and order 2) little demand: child obeys the id, self indulgent personality, characterized by personal slovenliness and disorder Phallic stage - 3 to 6 years - Erogenous zone: genitalia - awareness of male and female physical sexual differences - curiosity: undressing, exploring genitals - Key experience for boys: oedipal conflict, oedipal complex, son-father competition for possession of mother -sexual identity alters dynamics of the parent and child relationship - parents become focus of infantile libidinal energy - boy focuses on mother - wants to kill father (obstacle) - ego: reality principle: father is stronger - boy: ambivalent about his father - fear of castration Oedipus: - Greek mythology - fulfilled a prophecy: he will kill his father and marry his mother Complex: - a pattern of: emotions, desires, perceptions, wishes, memories - in the unconscious: organized around a common theme – sex/power ex. A child is thought of stupid; this would influence his/her life profoundly later; even if he/she later became a highly educated/innovated; if s/he still has troubling feelings or memories about it results in inferiority, hatred Resolution to Oedipal Conflict: - repression: blocking emotional impulses, ideas, etc. From entering conscious mind - temporary solution of the conflict between id and ego - castration anxiety Identification - boy incorporates to his ego father’s personality characteristics -diminishes castration anxiety - his likeness to father protects him from father’s wrath as a rival for mother - formation of superego: complying with social rules, there are things that id cannot have, brings punishment by authority figures Sense of Guilt: - related to repressed impulses of Oedipus complex - lack of identification - increase in feeli
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