SOC307H5 Lecture Notes - False Advertising, Self-Control, Subculture

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Criminology: scientific understanding of crime sociology of globalization. we can look at crime from a scientific point of view, and a religious point of view. there are many different typologies of crime. + we can talk about the sociology of politics, the sociology of food, the: description. there are three scientific components of understanding crime. you describe the situation which is occurring. there are many different types of crime eg: white collar crime, organized crime, smuggling, fraud, ect. eg: who is involved within the situations (race, age, color, ect. : explanations: Or why does it occur: policy recommendations: solutions to the crime/situation: political crime. political crimes are usually done in order to have power. assassinations occur within political crimes. eg: assassinations, kidnapping, vote rigging. eg: j. f kennedy was assassinated by the united states. crime does not just occur on the streets. the use of banned bio-chemical agents in war.