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Lecture 3

lecture three

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Reza Barmaki

Conceptions of deterrencethat resulted from rational choicetradition ABSOLUTE DETTERANCE - Penalty is swift, sure and terrible - The goal is to have no crime committed - And example is a realised offender whose experience in jail prevents him from reoffending GENERAL DETTERENCE - Public punishment which is sure rapid and terrible - Focuses on serious crimes such as murder and robbery - The goal is to punishment of individual corrections not intended - It sends a message for general preventions Assumption of deterrencetheory - Humans are hedonistic - Want to have more pleasure and avoid pain - Knowledge of painful consequences has a deterring offence An Example You and your friend need money You can have it in 30 seconds (pleasure) instead of working for two weeks (pain) You think about it What would stop you and your friend from doing this? Working two months for four thousand, or making ten in two minutes? SPECIFIC DETERRENCE - Focuses on the individual offender - New offenders, young offenders, repeat offenders (minor crimes such as shoplifting or DUIs) - Rehabilitation: discourage the criminal from any future criminal acts
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