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Reza Barmaki

Crime and Delinquency: Reza Barmaki Jan.09.10Lecture Three 1 CONCEPTIONS OF DETERRENCE THAT RESULTED FROM THESE THEORIES Classical sociology claims that the reason why we carry out acts is because we seek pleasure, and want to minimize pain. Intellectual pleasure Meaningful pleasure The classical sociology was based solely on Costbenefit analysisRationalty. In order to get rid of crime we need to increase the pain aspect Increase the COST of the act. ASSUMPTIONS OF DETERRENCE THEORY Humans are hedonistic Humans only want to increase pleasure and avoid pain Knowledge of painful consequences has a deterring effect. HOW DOES THE DETERRENCE THEORY WORK Example: 1. You and your friend need money 2. You have to work for it for two weeks (pain). 3. OR you can rob a bank in 30 seconds and get the money (Pleasure). 4. You think about it 5. What would stop you and your friend from actually doing this? DETERRENCE STOPS US FROM DOING IMMORAL ACTS. WE HAVE KNOWLEDGE THAT IF WE DO, WE WILL GET INCREASED PAIN. ** The more that people know about the consequence of an actionthe more likely that they will be deterred** FORMS OF DETERRENCE 1. Absolute Deterrence Entails a form of penalty. - The penalty needs to be terrible and swift The goal of absolute deterrence is to ensure that crime does not occur.
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